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Three of Baldwin’s Cross Country Runners Study Abroad

Lindsay Sopko in New Zealand
Lindsay Sopko in New Zealand

STAUNTON, VA - One misconception that most student athletes have is that they are not able to participate in study abroad programs because of their hectic schedules. However, three of Mary Baldwin’s cross country runners show that with a little planning and hard work it is possible to do both. Campbell Scollo, Lindsay Sopko, and Katelyn Pollock spent time studying abroad during the 2017 spring/summer semesters. Each one had a very unique experience that they were able to share.

            Senior Campbell Scollo spent six weeks this summer studying History and Literature of Tudor-Stuart England at Oxford University at St. Anne’s. She had the opportunity to attend lectures presented by scholars that were well known within this field, as well as attending plays and traveling. Scollo said that one of the biggest impacts this trip had on her was that, “even without a support system, I’m good.” She also met other athletes from Hampden-Sydney and Sweet Briar who she went running with during her time abroad.

            MBU’s top returner, Junior Lindsay Sopko, studied abroad during both the spring semester as well as the summer semester. During the spring she attended University of Otago in New Zealand, taking courses in Global Studies. Sopko also got to spend time hiking and camping across the South Island. Once she returned home for the summer she had only a short period of time to prepare for her next study abroad trip to Indonesia through ROTC. She went to Indonesia to train with naval cadets in the area, to facilitate classes for STTAL officers and NCOs, as well donating sports equipment to a local orphanage and assisting in a Bio Pore project. When talking about her study abroad experience Sopko said, “training with the U.S. Army in Indonesia, afforded me myriad leadership and cultural experiences. I know I will utilize the lessons learned through these adventures as both a scholar and an athlete.”

            Katelyn Pollock, another of MBU’s Cross Country runners, also spent a short time studying abroad during May term. As part of a social justice class she traveled to Amsterdam for eight days and Genéiva, Switzerland for five days. While traveling she was able to visit Non-Governmental organizations, the Red Cross museum, and study the guide to the United Nations.

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Campbell Scollo at Oxford at St. Anne's                                                                           Katelyn Pollock